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Another excellent web development course! The courses I have taken are so informative and for me it is a great way to learn. Jeff is an awesome instructor. I had no problem following the lessons and doing the course work. Everything worked out just as the lessons said it would. This course was a challenge and I would recommend a basic web course before taking ASP.NET. It was well worth the time and effort and I definitely want to continue taking more classes. Thank you!
Good course and it was very informative. Thank you for providing the links to related information that is available on the web. Very good writing style. It was easy to understand.
I enjoyed this class and learned a basic knowledge of I would recommend this course to anyone looking to gain an understanding of The instructor was very helpful and informative.
I really enjoyed this course. The instructor's writing style was very clear and the lessons were written very well. He provided examples throughout and made it simple to learn!
I really liked the informal, real-world instructional style. Jeff made a concerted effort to explain and describe things in a way that was accessible to non-programmers. I would definitely be interested in taking another of his courses.
I think this is an excellent mode of learning. It takes a special sort of instructor to be able to pull this together and make everyone feel that they are engaged in the class. I wish I had Jeff around all the time to translate everything Microsoft says!
This was the best class I've taken to date. I feel as if I learned a lot of realistically useful information, that I can now expand upon my online studies through books and dialogue with others and actually become PROFICIENT in ASP.NET. The teacher's writing style was engaging, the examples were well-written and easy to understand, and the assignments were accessible and HELPFUL. Thank you for a wonderful class!
David - ok, I just have to say, what an excellent response.  Being in a technical support position myself, I realize the struggles related to debugging a user's problem.  You zeroed right in on it, and gave another option if that did not resolve the problem.  Very nice to see that sort of response, accuracy and thoroughness.   You are a good example of why I am so impressed with the quality and professionalism of these on-line courses!

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