Course Outline for Computers in the Classroom

Week 1

Lesson 1- Technology Standards

You'll begin this course by learning how other teachers are using computers in their classrooms and what the future holds for you. You'll then set a goal for yourself and what you want to get out of this course.

Lesson 2- Current Research

What really is the best way to reach your students? In this lesson, I'll give you a summary of the best educational research and go over how you can use that research to plan how to put your classroom computer to work for you and your students.

Week 2

Lesson 3- Cooperative Learning

In this lesson, you'll learn how to get your students working in groups while using your classroom computer. This group learning will help you to maximize your computer time and help your students learn a valuable skill.

Lesson 4- Student Technology Standards, Critical Thinking Skills

Today you'll learn what you should expect of your students in their computer development. You'll also learn how to get your students thinking about ways that they can create exciting computer work on their own.

Week 3

Lesson 5- Daily Life with the Classroom Computer

Now that we're to the heart of this class, you'll learn how to organize and manage computer work in your classroom whether you have one computer or 20. How can you effectively have 30 students share one computer and keep track of what's going on? You'll find out in this lesson!

Lesson 6- Classroom Presentations, Integrating Computers with Language Arts

Today you'll learn how to amaze your students with dynamic computer-generated classroom presentations. You'll also learn how to integrate your classroom computer into your language arts program using interesting activities, programs, and Web sites.

Week 4

Lesson 7- Integrating Computers with Math and Science

In this lesson, you'll learn how to use your classroom computer to supplement your math and science program. You'll discover exciting Web sites that will help bring your classroom curriculum to life. Then we'll review a few computer programs that you may want to use in your classroom.

Lesson 8- Integrating Computers with Social Studies

Are you ready for your students to feel like they're learning about social studies firsthand, as if they're truly a part of history? Your classroom computer can help you do just that, and I'll show you how in this lesson. You'll view Web sites, take virtual field trips, and learn about online projects that you can use immediately in your social studies curriculum.

Week 5

Lesson 9- The Internet

In this lesson, you'll learn all about the Internet and how you can use it safely in your classroom. I'll pass on some valuable tips to help you keep your students in the right place and show them how to save time in searching for what they need. I'll also provide a great number of helpful Web sites for topics and activities that will supplement your classroom curriculum.

Lesson 10- Computer Project Planning

This lesson is a special one for you and your students: Today you'll create a computer project to meet your specific classroom needs that you can use right away. You'll view other projects, share ideas with your classmates, and use a simple-to-follow planning sheet to guide you through the process.

Week 6

Lesson 11- Computer Project Creation

Today you'll finish planning your classroom computer project as I share some expert tips, ideas, and strategies to guide you through the process. When you finish this lesson, you'll be ready to use the project in your own classroom, and you'll know how to create new computer projects in the future!

Lesson 12- Ethical Issues, Additional Technology, Future of Technology

In our final lesson, we'll explore the ethical issues surrounding the use of computers in the classroom, such as how to help students avoid copyright infringement. You'll also learn how to find the resources for additional computer equipment to add to your classroom. In the last portion of this lesson, we'll take a look at what the future holds for technology in the classroom.

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