Course Outline for Become a Tour Guide

Module 1 - Introduction to holiday rep

Module 2 - Categories of holiday representatives

Module 3 - Roles, responsibilities and qualities of the holiday rep

Module 4 - Duties of the holiday rep

Module 5 - Tour operator’s profiles

Module 6 - Transfers & Welcome Meetings

Module 7 - Admin and Paperwork

Module 8 - Currency, conversions, commissions & calculations

Module 9 - Health & Safety

Module 10 - Legal Responsibilities

Module 11 - Customer Service Essentials

Module 12 - Effective Complaint Handling Skills

Module 13 - Super Selling Skills

Module 14 - Social & Communication Skills

Module 15 - Interpersonal & Teamwork Skills

Module 16 - Stress Management

Module 17 - Short Haul Destinations

Module 18 - Long Haul Destinations & Time Zone

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‘I've just had confirmation from TUI that my assessment day was successful and I've got the job! I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I probably would not have got this job if I hadn’t done your rep course first. I was totally prepared for the interview and your interview tips and suggestions gave me a massive advantage. You're on my postcard list – CHEERS!!!’

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